Ableton + Bela NIME Scholarships will be returning for 2022

Greetings All,

We’ve happy received confirmation that Ableton and Bela will once again proudly sponsor a number of student and regular early-bird registrations for NIME 2022 in collaboration with the NIME Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. We look to continue helping broaden the NIME community and improve inclusivity and respect especially towards under-represented groups, be that in regards to gender, ethnicity, disability, area of study, or financial ability. We’re excited that Ableton and Bela will help us make the conference more financially inclusive.

The scholarship application process will be fully announced once conference registration details are finalised, however we wanted to announce their existence in advance if financial ability to participate impacts anyone’s decision to submit.


Laurel S. Pardue

on behalf of the NIME Committee for Diversity and Inclusion