Academic job resources

Hi folks, to get this started I thought I’d share some common academic job sites here in the United States. These sites are not for specific universities but are more like aggregators - it makes looking for job ads relatively painless.

  • higheredjobs dot com/faculty
  • jobs.chronicle dot com
  • careercenter.collegeart dot org/jobs

I also know that the UK and Canada have similar repositories.

But, I’m not sure about Europe, Asia, Africa. Would be great if others have info on those to post here. Sorry for the goofy links, it won’t let me post more than two.


I also use the Academic Jobs Wikia. There’s some overlap but it is a little easier to find what you’re looking for.

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Thanks a lot for the links! It helps tremendously Ph.D. candidates start searching for positions/postdocs/etc.

Not sure how good it is, but I also check these:

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