Call for Participation and Volunteers- Actions We Can Take to Improve Diversity and Inclusivity at NIME

Greetings All,

We’re calling for additional participation in the workshop organised by the Diversity Committee "Actions We Can Take to Improve Diversity and Inclusivity at NIME”. We’ll be running two sessions to cover all time zones, the first 23rd Jun 10pm GMT, and the second starts June 14th, 11am GMT.

The heart of the workshop will be small group discussions (4-5 people) of what we can do to make NIME more accessible, inclusive, and diverse in terms of gender, disability, culture, practice, and financial ability. Your ideas will feed into action- this year’s scholarship program and English-and-NIME-as-a-second-language shepherding scheme grew directly out of suggestions from the NIME community.

We’ll also be reviewing the state of NIME inclusion and be joined by guest speaker Kim Macari (Artist and Programmer at the Vortex Jazz Club, Chair of Jazz from Scotland, Board member of Jazz Promotion Network) talking about the importance of inclusion in the music performance and the arts.

Feel free to join for the whole workshop or join for one to three of our discussion segments! (Just let us know if that is your plan.)

For the first session (Fri 23rd Jun 10pm GMT), we are looking for additional topic facilitators- folks to be knowledgeable about selected discussion topics, and ready to help facilitate discussion. You do not have to be attending NIME to be a facilitator. If you are interested, please let me (or one of the other workshop organisers) know.

For full details, including the detailed schedule, you can go to:


Laurel Pardue

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