Chroma Journal and a markdown production template

Hi folks, I’d like to introduce “Chroma: Journal of the Australasian Computer Music Association”:

This journal is community-run, open-access, and no-cost to authors and the whole production process uses markdown, and pandoc to create the PDF and HTML outputs.

I’ve written about the backend processes here:

and the markdown template is here:

Now I’m not saying that we should use all of the above for NIME. But I guess I’m not not saying it either. The idea with the markdown template above is to have a process where I can do the journal production process basically by myself for the small number of articles that we move through our pipeline. I’d love to have a whole web-based authoring UI like Overleaf or Pubpub to put that responsibility on authors, but it’s a bit hard to figure out how that would work. At the moment, authors send me a word doc and I just convert it to markdown and plonk that into my template which is fairly low-effort (although it wouldn’t scale easily to 100+ articles per year at something like NIME).

Anyway, just wanted to share the above, let me know what you think.