Conduct in the NIME Forum

This is the code of conduct document for the NIME forum. The NIME conference has its own Code of Conduct, but the one below is specifically for this forum.

This is a living document! If you have suggestions, please email Last updated: September 17 2020

The Short Version

NIME is a community for music makers, technologists, artists, musicians, scientists, and instrument builders. This forum exists so we can learn about one another’s work, exchange ideas, offer feedback, get inspired, and build relationships.

When you join the forum, make your profile descriptive so others can get to know you.

We acknowledge that inequality exists in our community, and we aim to continuously improve how we embody existing values of diversity and inclusion.

Communication in this forum should be respectful. If you make a mistake, apologise.

If you see someone behaving disrespectfully, please tell them to stop.

If you can’t resolve an issue, contact the forum admins at

Long Version

About NIME

NIME is a worldwide community of instrument builders, musicians, scientists, academics, and artists. NIME strives to be inclusive of individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, career paths, languages, body sizes, knowledge types, musical taste and technical ability.

The NIME forum was launched after the successful NIME 2020, which took place entirely online due to coronavirus restrictions. There was a strong desire within the community to continue the stimulating and exciting conversations we were having.

Make your profile descriptive

There is a huge wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in the NIME community, from a variety of domains. The purpose of this forum is to encourage exchange between community members - this includes everyone from those who have been part of NIME since the beginning up to those who have discovered NIME recently.

We recommend the following when you create a forum profile:

  • Choose a meaningful username. This doesn’t need to be your real name, but please choose something beyond random characters.
  • Update your profile with a short description of your interests, areas of expertise, past work, current projects … whatever lets the NIME community know a bit about what you do. (To edit your profile information click on your profile picture in the upper left, click the tab with your username, click Preferences, then edit the fields.)

Be respectful

Respectful behaviour includes:

  • Being considerate, kind, helpful, and encouraging.
  • Actively avoiding language that is demeaning, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, or aggressive.

If you’re unsure, ask someone.

Look out for yourself

If you experience disrespectful behaviour and feel that you are unable to respond or don’t feel that you can resolve it yourself (for any reason), please bring it to the attention of the forum admins through We will listen to you and help you to resolve the issue, or address the problem ourselves if that’s more appropriate. Any messages sent to this address are confidential.

Look out for others

The NIME community was founded on peer discussion and feedback. We believe that discourse builds a richer, more diverse community of practitioners.

We also acknowledge that inequities exist in this community, due to exclusionary factors related to gender, race, access to education, mother tongue, socioeconomic status, access to technology, and a myriad of other causes. We believe that the NIME community should be actively working against these oppressive forces, and progressing as a community towards greater inclusivity.

This means that that if you see someone behaving disrespectfully, we encourage you to respectfully discourage that behaviour. We are all in a constant state of learning, and must help one another. If you don’t feel you can do this yourself, send a message to the forum admins at Any messages sent to this address are confidential.

Don’t do these things

In addition to behaving with respect and contributing to a spirit of helpfulness and encouragement, the following behaviours are strictly not allowed:

  • Impersonating someone else
  • Posting someone else’s work as your own
  • Posting offensive language, media or images
  • Posting private information in public spaces

If you see any harassing or trolling behaviour, please report it immediately by sending a link to

Apologise for mistakes

We are all learning, and we all make mistakes. If your behaviour is highlighted for being disrespectful please apologise accordingly, and consider how you might choose different words in the future.


The forum admins are volunteers who seek to facilitate wider communication within the NIME community, both among established members as well as newcomers. The forum admins act in the interests of the NIME community and its future.

If the forum admins determine that a forum user is behaving disrespectfully, disobeying the rules, or exhibiting any other behaviour that does not further our community or its values, the forum admins will take any action appropriate for the situation, including disabling user accounts.


I’m wondering if we should require, or at least strongly encourage, participants to disclose their actual name. I don’t think posting with an alias is really appropriate in this context.

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@mjl I’ve been thinking about this. We should be careful about “real” name policies; as we saw with Facebook’s haphazard insistence on “real names” a few years ago the idea of a “real name” is extremely complex.

Maybe it would be useful to could say we encourage people who use this forum to post under the name by which the community knows them? Is being recognisable the desired effect, or something else?

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Good point, @astrid.

I am thinking about what I use a name for. Usually, the most important for me is to understand who I am discussing with. This does not need to involve their real name but is more related to understanding the person’s background (scientist, artist, etc.), context (student, professor, practictioner, etc.), affiliation with the community (long-timer, newcomer), etc.

Whether someone is using their real name or not is less important, I think. But I find it difficult if people have “blank” profiles and a random name. Then it would be better if they could describe themselves to some extent so that it is easier to understand where their arguments come from. Does that make sense?

Yeah, I agree that no profile pic and a bunch of letters and numbers isn’t ideal. Maybe we can recommend that new members choose a meaningful username, and fill out their profile describing what they do?

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Yes, I think that is a good way of doing it.

I’ll edit this post to include these guidelines. Thanks @alexarje :slight_smile:

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I should clarify - I don’t mean that people should be forced to use their ‘real name.’ Indeed that would be hypocritical since I’m using my initials here ;-). I mean that we should discourage anonymous participation in this kind of community-oriented forum.