Does no notification mean a rejection, please?

Hi there! Does no notification mean a rejection, please? Thank you!

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Hi, I just have the same question. Thanks.

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No notification means that notifications haven’t been sent out yet.

I’m not on the committee for NIME20223, but I can speak from knowledge I have.

The reviewing system instructions on CMT state a deadline of 12/3/2023 for metareview submissions (presumeably AoE time). This suggests that reviews and notifications will be returned to authors in a few days after that.

I can see that this is not the same as the timeline posted on <>, perhaps the current paper chairs could comment if the above is not accurate?


Ok. Thanks. This is logic. My understanding of the timeline on is what causes doubts. But knowing that the metareview process ends 12/3/2023, and more days are needed after that, then it’s clear. Thank you!

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