ECO Book club: a space to discuss music, tech, and enviroment

Hi all,

with the other two environmental officers (@adampultz and @johnnyvenom ), and a few other members of the NIME community launched a book club to discuss the overlapping of music, tech and the environment.

the first book for our club, The Great Animal Orchestra by Bernie Krause.

@lior (who proposed the book) suggested that the most pertinent chapter is 8 - about the adverse effects of noise on sound ecologies. From there Lior suggested going to chapter 7 (adverse effects of noise on humans) and to chapter 5 (hypothesis on how human music evolved from natural soundscapes). Then the rest of the book for whoever has the time :slight_smile:

We will meet on Monday 10th of May at 16.00 pm (UCT - that currently is one hour behind London, due to summertime – Time Zone & Clock Changes in UTC, Time Zone).

For the meeting will use the following jitsi room:

We will record the call, and publish it in the eco wiki ( later on. We expect the meeting to be one hour, 75 minutes at the most.

If you have any doubt please contact us (,,


Raul, Johnny, and Adam