NIME 2022 acceptance rates

Hi everyone, I know that many in the community (including me!) frown on the use of acceptance rates as a way of evaluating NIME (and more importantly, papers contributed to NIME) but at my institution / discipline it’s considered fairly important to have the information on your CV. If anyone can point me towards this information for 2022 I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

Hi Charlie,

a copy from Sasha’s presentation:

  • 244 submissions
    Papers 45/119 (37.8%)
    Music 28/41 (68.3%)
    Installations 7/11 (63.6%)
    Demos 13/30 (43%) + 9
    Workshops 7/9 (77.8%)


Just a thought - bean counters think lower acceptance rates are better, but I think that’s really the wrong way to think about it… Conferences should accept as much as possible. Anything that contributes well to the conference theme, and/or where the authors would benefit from feedback from sharing their work, should be accepted, with adequate time to respond to feedback from peer review. Where really good work gets turned down just because of not making the cut in a ranking process that’s a huge shame and waste of valuable time.
Of course this creates problems for how to process and present additional work at a conference but I think that’s a good problem to have.