NIME 2022 (and later)

The Steering Committee has sent out a call for hosting NIME 2022 (and beyond):

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but it is quite sure that future NIME conferences will be different from previous ones. NIME 2020 was fully online, 2021 is planned as hybrid (physical+online). The Steering Committee is particularly interested in exploring a hub-based conference format in 2022.

Previous conferences have usually been hosted by one institution (or a few geographically close ones). To succeed with a hub-based conference format, we would need to think differently about the organization. We are particularly encouraging collaboration between individuals and/or institutions around the world.

The creative and technologically-savvy NIME community is particularly well suited to come up with novel conference concepts. Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting!

Deadline for formal proposals: 15 January 2021

Potential hosts can e-mail the SC directly. In this thread, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on how future conferences could look like. All sorts of ideas are welcome!