NIME 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships are Open

Greetings all,

We would like to announce the opening of the NIME 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships, proudly sponsored by Ableton and Bela in collaboration with the NIME Diversity Committee. The NIME Diversity Committee’s mission is to help broaden the NIME community and improve inclusivity towards under-represented groups within NIME, be that in regards to gender, ethnicity, age, disability, area of study, or financial ability to partake. Please share this announcement with community members or other interested parties not on the NIME mailing list.

We have a healthy scholarship fund this year so do please apply, especially if self-funding your attendance. As places are limited, priority will be given to those unable to get funding through their affiliate institution. If you are unable to secure funding elsewhere, please ensure to be clear why not within your application statement. While the scholarships are open to everyone, some further preference may be given to applicants from under-represented groups.

Scholarship decisions will be announced no later than 7 May 2022, the week prior to the close of early bird registration with scholarship awardees having their registrations paid for through the scholarship funds. Individuals who have registered prior to being awarded a scholarship will have their registration refunded. Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a Scholarship Committee made up of volunteers from the NIME community.

Looking forward to your scholarship application.


Laurel S. Pardue