NIME 2022 Doctorial Consortium extended deadline!

Extended deadline for the NIME 2022 1st Doctorial Consortium: April 15th 2022 23:59 (UTC -12)!

The Consortium will take place virtually on Monday 27th of June 2022.

Proposals will include the following entries:

  • proposal sections: title, keywords, research question/s/problem, context/theory, methods, the expected outcomes (what you hope to contribute and get from the Doctoral Consortium), references/bibliography (not part of the word count)

  • (optional) software, videos, audio recordings, blueprints documenting music interface concepts and physical prototypes, either uploaded along with the main document or hyperlinked from it

  • a short recommendation letter from the Supervisor, also clarifying the student’s year of study, research objectives, method, and activity in the context of the Department/Research Lab where the PhD is doneS

For more info and submission process, please see NIME 2022 or for more specific questions, contact the Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs: Cécile Chevalier & Federico Fontana .

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