NIME 2023 Deadline extensions

Dear NIME community,

We have received a large number of petitions through the CMT system and direct email messages asking for extra time to finalise submissions. Some are related to technical issues with the submission platform and others are related to adapting to everyday situations post-lockdowns.

As organisers of this year’s conference, we hear you and want to be supportive. We also acknowledge that we were late in providing full information and making the system available for submission. This is in some ways related to the challenges of organising such a conference in LATAM which is a core theme of this edition itself.

We as organisers are a distributed team across the globe, living in different time zones and subject to different institutional pressures, and are well suited to understand the individual concerns by members of the community.

Given the large number of requests, and for sake of fairness and transparency. We have decided to extend the deadline by 10 days from the original date (January 31st, 2023).

THE REVISED DEADLINE IS: February 11th, 2023.

Likewise, the deadline for the student consortium has been extended to March 1st, 2023.

This also provides the opportunity for new submissions which might have missed the January 23rd deadline.

We are aware of the unique challenges that have risen as Universities world-wide opened after two years of lockdown measures. This is not only the second ever NIME conference in LATAM but the first one which will be hybrid, allowing for remote online participation; and the first after being fully online.

These are all new challenges, and whilst we are working hard to provide a great edition in Mexico, the main reason for this extension is the overwhelming requests from the community.

We ask for the understanding of our reviewers as this might shorten the review period. We aim to have results on the original dates to keep flight fares lower. However, we ask the community as a whole to allow us some flexibility if the approval dates get delayed.

Our entire team is working hard to keep this upcoming conference a successful event and are only implementing these changes as a one-off response to a significant request from you, our members.

On behalf of the NIME 2023 organising committee.


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It’s great that NIME tries to support and respond to its authors. I can see the motivation for this extension, but please also keep in mind the many authors who didn’t get in touch but who worked evenings and weekends, or through their Christmas holidays, to make the advertised deadline. A lengthy extension can leave them wondering if they shouldn’t have made that sacrifice, or if they will now face more competition in review from people who started late.

It used to be a conference tradition to advertise a deadline and then extend it by a week at the last minute. At some point, most conferences decided to provide more certainty to authors by baking the extension into the advertised submission period. A late extension may leave tired authors wondering if they should keep editing their papers, or whether they should expect a similar extension next year.

There can never be an answer that satisfies everyone, and a uniform extension is better and more transparent than handling it case-by-case. Given that some of these issues are structural, for 2024 onward we might ask whether our traditional January deadline is a good idea at all, and whether we could feasibly conduct a review process in time if it were moved later.


Thanks for this explanation, and of course alleviating the burden of deadlines is important. However, this is a bit disrespectful to people who hustled to meet the original deadline. I’m not opposed to extending it of course, but I get the feeling that a little more notice of such a significant extension would have gone a long way, and alleviated stress for many more.


Good day,

I am interested in participating at the conference, but I can’t find the place to register myself. Can you tell me please where can I submit my participation?

Best regards.


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