NIME 2024 deadline is approaching!

Hello all,

We’re looking forward to NIME 2024, taking place in Utrecht, Netherlands on September 4-6 2024. See the site here:

The NIME 2024 paper deadline is fast approaching! Abstracts must be created in CMT3 by January 31, and final submissions must be uploaded by February 7 2024. Both deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere On Earth time zone (UTC -12).

Also, NIME always needs reviewers for papers, installations, music and demos. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer (or if you don’t know if you’re still registered as one), please sign up using this form. The deadline is February 7:

Thanks very much!
Astrid Bin & Courtney Reed
Paper Chairs, NIME 2024

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Hi Astrid,
I’ve got a question regarding the deadline and submission process for the “Music & Art Installations” track: the instruction on the nime2024 website states that by the current deadline (31.01) there’s no need of uploading pdf/performance video. In this case, what exactly should be entered in the CMT form to ensure the submission is valid?

  • is it enough just to create/start the submission and just post the title and abstract?
  • should I press the “submit” button at the bottom of the form to submit the incomplete form (without the pdf/video attachments)?
  • will the above be technically possible if the attachments are missing?

Many thanks,

Hi Krzysztof,

The site has some specific information for music here: NIME 2024

For art installations, instructions are here: NIME 2024

The important thing is that you create the submission by the end of January 31 (11:59pm Anywhere On Earth time). The deadline for finalising any music and art installation submissions - ie, uploading any PDF, video or other material - is February 14.

Hope this helps!

Specifically, you should create, start, and then “submit” a submission with: the track you are submitting in, the title, authors, and a complete abstract. It is fine to submit without additional attachments for the Jan 31 deadline and that should work. You can subsequently add the PDF and video and resubmit.