NIME 2024 location

Does anyone have an idea of where the NIME 2024 conference will be held?

Usually it is announced during the conference on the last day.

Is there an update on location, perhaps even a date? :slight_smile:

Utrecht (NL), but I can’t recall the dates (end of May perhaps).


Oh great! I had the best time at the live coding conference in Utrecht this year. Will it be colocated with Movement Computing? I think that will be end of May in Utrecht too.

I’m not sure about this… I don’t remember any mention to Movement Computing (but once again, I may be wrong).

Sorry just a bump on this, I’d love to know the NIME dates if possible!

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Sorry to bump this again, but does anyone have the dates for NIME 2024?

I heard a rumour that NIME will now take place around September time.

@yaxu, yep, they just published the website. It’s September 4-6. The paper submission and review timeline seems to be the same as previous years despite the ~3 month shift in the conference dates.

It’s the shame that the organisers don’t communicate via their own platform.

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