NIME Board Elections results

Hi all,

The NIME Board election process has now concluded. Thank you again to those who nominated themselves, and thank you to all who participated. Voter participation was around 30%, with 210 voters out of 704 eligible voters.

The community’s preference was for:

  • Stefano Fasciani (Proceeding Officer)
  • Charles Martin and Isabela Corintha Almeida (Members-at-large)

The new NIME Board is thus composed of the following members.

  • Fabio Morreale, President of the Board
  • Juan Avila, Chair of Committees
  • Andrew McPherson, Continuity Officer
  • Stefano Fasciani, Proceeding Officer
  • Charles Martin, Member-at-large
  • Isabela Corintha Almeida, Member-at-large
  • Hans Leeuw, General Chair of NIME 2024
  • ***, General Chair of NIME 2025
  • Hugo Solis, General Chair of NIME 2023

As per the NIME Board document, the Board is now the new governing body of NIME and the current Steering Committee has ceased its functions. We would like to express our appreciation to those who served on the Steering Committee, especially to Ico Bukvic, Lamberto Coccioli, and Sally Jane Norman, who have been on the committee for many years and whose contributions were invaluable.