NIME Board Nominations

Dear all,

I am happy to communicate that the Steering Committee decided to appoint me as the President of the new NIME Board. As per the document, the NIME board will also be composed of the General Chairs of the upcoming and past NIME conferences as well as five members elected by the community. These members include:

  • Chief of Committees
  • Continuity Officer
  • Proceedings Officer
  • 2x members-at-large

I am now inviting self-nominations for these five positions (the roles and responsibilities of each position can be found in the NIME Board document). If you are interested in serving on the NIME Board, please fill out this form by March 24th, 2024.

We will have elections when multiple people want to take on a role. Please note that you must have attended at least one of the last three NIME conferences (either online or in person) to be considered for the positions and to be able to vote in the election.

I encourage you to consider nominating yourself for one of these positions and to spread the word about this opportunity to serve the NIME community!