NIME Eco reading club, October 13th, 4pm UTC

On October 13th, at 4pm UTC, we will have another Eco Reading club.

Join here:

On Adam’s suggestion, we will read and discuss the article Leverage Points: Places to intervene in a system by the systems theorist and activist Donella Meadows:

The article has nothing to do with sound or NIMEs as such, but is a sustainability classic, and it may be useful for also discussing how we, as designers, musicians, academics, etc., through our positions in various networks and institutions may (or may not) have some leverage in influencing opinion and decision-making.

Donella Meadows was the co-author of the famed and often ridiculed study Limits to Growth. Published in 1972, it identified problems with the idea of endless economic growth on a planet with finite resources and predicted industrial as well as population decline if no proper course of action is taken. The ridicule is currently less pronounced, as the present increasingly seems to catch up with the dire forecasts of the study.

A few years ago, Adam was granted permission by the Donella Meadows Foundation to use the text in a piece composed for the podcast Echo of Species: Stream episode Echo of Species 04 - Adam Pultz Melbye by Echo of Species podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Best, Adam, Raul and Johnny - The Environmental Committee

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