NIME paper reviews are now open!

Hello all,

All reviews and meta-reviews for the paper track are now assigned, and your assigned papers are ready for download. If you are a confirmed reviewer or meta-reviewer you will have received an email alert with instructions. (Thank you so much to everyone who signed up this year, we really appreciate your help!)

Reviews are due March 15, with meta-reviews due March 19. If you have any questions about the review process, please reach out to us.

Thanks, and we look forward to this year’s proceedings!

Astrid Bin and Courtney Reed
Paper Chairs, NIME 2024

Hello again, dear NIME’24 Reviewers,

Thank you very much to everyone who has been helping with the review process so far. Our review deadline was last Friday and fortunately, most of the reviews were received on time.

If you agreed to review and have not yet submitted your reviews, please please get in touch with your meta reviewer(s) and try to do them as soon as possible. We’d like to avoid delaying author notifications.

If you are a meta reviewer: we are extending the meta-review deadline to this Friday, March 22, in order to give sufficient time to write meta recommendations around reviews that are still coming in or being reallocated to new reviewers. Of course, if you already have all reviews for papers, you’re free to submit your meta-review at any time! :slight_smile:

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to both of us directly at and

Thank you again so very much for your help, organisation, expertise, and feedback on the review process this year - we literally couldn’t do this without you!

Astrid Bin and Courtney Reed
Paper Chairs, NIME 2024

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