NIME Principles & Code of Practice on Ethical Research

Dear all,

In the last few months, the NIME Ethical Committee has been working on preparing a document on Ethical Research at NIME. The idea was to outline the NIME ethical Principles , which describe the values and standards of our community, and the Code of Practice , which describes how authors can go about addressing these values when planning, running, and submitting a research project or a musical work to the NIME conference.

I am thrilled to announce that the document is finally ready and available at

Please notice that this is a starting point, a living document that is owned by our community and that is expected to will evolve following collective contributions.

Thanks to all those that contributed to shaping this document, and in particular Nicolas Gold, Cécile Chevalier, Raul Masu, Alexander Jensenius, Sasha Leitman, Astrid Bin, Lior Arbel, Gabriel Zalles, Ezra Teboul, Lamberto Coccioli, Sally-Jane Norman, and Clara Mancini.