Presale of my book "Composing Interactions" has started!

Dear NIME community,

After many years of writing, I am happy to announce that the presales of my book have started now, and the book is being printed at the moment!

“Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems”.

Interactive technologies have become a part of many different artistic practices.
Nowadays artists make use of sensors, electronic circuits, computation, and
algorithms to create engaging aesthetic experiences.

Composing Interactions brings together aesthetic considerations, practical
guidelines for project development, and an overview of sensors, circuits, and
processing algorithms.

Marije Baalman applies her extensive experience as an artist and as an
engineer to guide the reader through the creation process of interactive digital
artworks. She elaborates on different techniques for creating meaningful
interactions and presents detailed case studies of a range of artistic work from the
field to illustrate the techniques in practice.

Writing the book has been an enormous effort, and the design duo Superposition have made beautiful diagrams to illustrate the book; Stukk Design have designed the book wonderfully.

So I’m confident that this book will not only be useful in content, but will also be a great book to look at and read through :).

All information on the book, including a table of contents, can be found at the website

The official publication date is planned to be June 1st, 2022, and plans for a book launch or release party in Rotterdam are being made for June 30th.

Right now you can get your copy of the book at the V2_ webshop for a discounted price of 40 euros: Composing Interactions – V2_ Webshop


Marije Baalman

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This really looks cool, but 35 Euros to ship to the USA is unacceptable.Will there be an eBook version?

Hi znmeb,

Thanks for your interest!

The publisher is a small publisher in the Netherlands, so the shipping price is just what the postal services ask, I think.

After June 1st (when it will be printed) the book will be also be available via the distributor, who should also have resellers in the USA (and across the world). I can inquire where you can then obtain it locally.


That would be great! - A keen reader from Australia :slight_smile:

Hi all,
once the book is printed and officially out, you should be able to order it via your local bookshop using the ISBN number (ISBN/EAN: 978-90-828935-4-0). The bookshop should be able to get it through the global distributor.
I hope that helps!