Proposed Expectations for Archiving Proceedings

Hi folks,

I’d like to propose some written down expectations/standards for the proceedings archiving process to the steering committee. The idea is that the community would set down what we expect from conference organisers and they would agree to meet these right at the start of proposing a NIME instance.

I’ve got a public Google Doc here and my proposed text is below.

This was written in pretty much one pass so I expect there are parts that can be simplified and things I may have missed, any help or other perspectives are appreciated.

If you have a suggestion please write a comment in the google doc as well as commenting :slight_smile:

NIME Proceedings Archiving Expectations

These expectations and a conference timeline are proposed to ensure that NIME authors and creators see their work archived in a timely way after each year’s conference. The broad considerations are:

  • Open access to NIME submissions is a founding consideration of NIME.
  • Authors now reasonably expect archival publication from all tracks (e.g., music, workshops, etc) not just papers.
  • As open access becomes the norm, NIME must continue to use best practices compared to other venues, especially in terms of providing DOIs, archiving of artistic contributions, and timely publication.
  • Archiving and publishing is hard and expensive, a dedicated chair should be appointed for each conference to help and chairs must have a plan in their conference proposal and budget.


  • All documents and media that is supplied by NIME authors and reviewed should be permanently archived with open-access following a NIME conference. This applies to all conference tracks offered in any given year.
  • Where submitted data (e.g., from a certain track) will not be archived this must be communicated to authors before submission as part of a call for contributions.
  • Collect enough data but no more: i.e., don’t collect videos or media that cannot be archived effectively.
  • All accepted and presented NIME submissions have an associated DOI as well as a bibliographic record entry on
  • Proceedings should be available at their final location with DOI and announced to the community by 4 weeks after the end of a NIME conference.
  • All details of the publication process should be communicated clearly to authors and the community at every stage of conference planning.

Timeline of events

Proposal of conference:

  • Proposing chairs must include a publication and archiving plan in their NIME proposal addressing the “when, what, and how” of archiving conference submissions from each proposed submission track.
  • Web and proceedings archive officers should be consulted regarding the feasibility of the proposed publication and archiving plan.
  • The proposal should name a “proceedings chair” who is responsible for overseeing the archiving process for all tracks in coordination with track and general chairs and NIME officers.
  • The proposal should consider costs involved in any archiving decisions including but not limited to a contribution to hosting the permanent archive and forums at (budget approximately 200USD per year).
  • The proposal should outline a plan for archiving the individual conference website (proposing to use a static website rather than Wordpress and avoiding embedded content makes archiving easier).
  • The publication and archiving plan should be considered by the steering committee as part of awarding NIME conference hosting rights.

Release of call-for-contributions:

  • Conference chairs must publish a publication and archiving plan in their call-for-contributions. This should include:
    • Proposed dates for publication of all types of archived data and any extra data collection that might be required (e.g., extended metadata, release forms, online works, camera ready PDFs etc).
    • Methods for publication/archiving of each track including proposed changes over time (e.g., “Supplied videos will be published on YouTube during the conference and archived on after DD/MM/YYYY”)
    • Contact details for the proceedings chair who should commit to addressing queries about data collection and archiving throughout the submission, conference, and post-conference phases.

One month prior to conference:

  • Track and proceedings chairs confirm data and metadata collection for the conference with authors (e.g., camera ready submissions).
  • Proceedings chair confirms expected program to NIME archive officer and steering committee as a spreadsheet including (at least): title, authors, track, ID number.

At conference:

  • All collected proceedings data should be available through the individual NIME conference’s website and hyperlinked from the main program.
  • Track chairs are responsible for checking attendance and registration status of all submissions with the expectation that submissions that are not presented are removed post-conference.

One month after conference (at the latest):

  • Non-presented submissions are removed from the proceedings by the proceedings and track chairs.
  • Proceedings chair ensures DOIs have been acquired either through archiving on Zenodo or another method.
  • Proceedings and general chairs provide full metadata and proceedings data to the archive officers and steering committee.
  • Proceedings and general chairs announce release of proceedings to the community and authors.
  • The (static) archived conference website is provided to the web officer and steering committee for archiving at