Research on digital sampler instruments

Hello I am looking for any information on the forum or from the conferences on the creation of new digital instruments incorporating the use of sampling, would anyone know where I can search all of the conferences on the NIME site for this type of information?

Many thanks

Hi Sonder. You could search the NIME proceedings (Proceedings Archive | NIME). You might also want to check out DAFx, ICMC, and SMC for starters. Unfortunately I don’t have authorization to post more than 2 links, so you’ll have to search them up on your own. Searchability varies from conference to conference. I have found it useful in my studies to download the compressed archives linked on the above page for NIME and use a tool like pdftotext to allow text-based search over the whole proceedings. ICMC and DAFx have reasonable search functions on their proceedings websites.

Good luck!