Special pages (faq, tos, privacy)

Discourse comes with some special pages which we can (and probably should) customise:

Privacy Policy


Terms of Service

These can be found in the “about” link in the hamburger and edited under the “staff” category where they appear as topics.

The FAQ needs a link to our code of conduct (I think the code is important enough to get its own page as we have done, but I don’t think one can be added to the about page easily)

I haven’t read the privacy policy yet, but we need one for compliance and it’s a good idea anyway. The TOS isn’t too offensive (it’s a default sort of US TOS doc where I’ve replaced “company” with “community” (it has some kind of dumb stuff in there, but hey I’m no lawyer).

Anyway, good idea to have a read of them, and if there are any ideas about how to customise these go ahead and edit or discuss here :blush:

I’d suggest if we keep these we put them in the Admin category, so all the forum meta stuff is in one place. I’ll have a look at these now!

Those posts in the staff category are put there by the initial build, so I’m not sure what happens if you move them.

There’s some discussion about solutions for adding pages to the “about” page.

But you can override the URLs you send them to, and the /faq permalink is actually the same as /conduct as in:

https://forum.nime.org/conduct goes to the FAQ page.

Best solution seems to be change the FAQ to be the code of conduct and see how that goes, then all the pages are in the same place and we have our code of conduct in a prominent place. I’ll fiddle around with it and see how it goes!