Submitting to arXiv - Quickstart

(1) Create an account at

(2) Get your submission file(s) ready. If you used the Word template, you’ll just need the final PDF (available at If you used the LaTeX template, you’ll need the source files for your final version. If you no longer have the LaTeX source files, we might be able to submit the article for you from the proxy account, as a last resort. Using the source files is (greatly) preferred.

(3) Click " START NEW SUBMISSION " and follow the instructions.


(4) Overleaf has a function to prepare a .zip with the files needed by arXiv (under ‘Submit’)

(5) Use Category ’ Computer Science ’ and ’ Human-Computer Interaction ’ for NIME works. You can add secondary categories such as ‘Sound,’ ‘Machine Learning’ etc.

(6) Enter the conference title in the ‘Journal’ field. Recommended format:
" Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 20xx "

(7) ACM classifier H.5.5 is ’ Sound and Music Computing ’ you can add other secondary classifiers

(8) The abstract (and other) fields have problems with special characters like -, ", ’ etc.
You’ll have to retype these from your keyboard (unfortunately this is a shortcoming of the submission form)

(9) Make sure to include the official DOI. All NIME articles have a Zenodo DOI , which you can look up at

(10) NIME articles are published with a CC-BY-4.0 license. Use this license at arXiv also.