What categories should we have for the NIME forum?

We probably need a few more categories for discussion here. I’ve added the discussion about the publication ecosystem, but it would be nice to have about two more. What do you folks think?

Some categories that could be useful:

  • NIME conference (discussions about the annual conferences)
  • Conference calls (non-NIME conferences)
  • Journal calls
  • Job ads
  • Software/hardware-specific stuff (not sure if this is relevant here? People may use other channels for such stuff)
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How about an “announcements” category and a “conference” category, the other types of announcements can be distinguished with tags.

So far this is actually just meta-NIME stuff, but maybe we should just have categories for some broad NIME streams, e.g., praxis, theory, evaluation, automation, others? We could also just have a “non-meta” category for NIME work.

I guess my big dream here is that we use the forum to actually do some of our research and bring in new practitioners into the community

In my experience top-level categories are really important, because people don’t always tag things in the same way (or even know the tags are there). These can be pretty broad, but I think they’d be really useful.

Off the top of my head:

  • Announcements (maybe call this “Admin”, with links to the code of conduct etc)
  • Conference (about the NIME event)
  • Jobs
  • Research (so many students need volunteers for listening tests, we all could use a space to talk about our own work, share references, highlight things we’ve published, etc …)
  • Show and Tell (collecting instruments under a single category could make NIME history much easier than it is right now)
  • Programming (Arduino, Teensy, Bela, Pure Data, ChucK, audio effects, etc)
  • Building (circuits, hardware, materials, how tos)

There’s been a trend of metareviews/papers about NIME in recent years, which is great. With even loosely categorised posts this forum could become a very valuable resource for that kind of work, which is becoming ever more important!

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Yes, I think these are good points. Perhaps also a “Random” category for anything else?

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Absolutely, that’s bound to be a goldmine :slight_smile:

by default, we have the #uncategorized category - I wonder if badthings happen if we just rename it to “random”?

Perhaps other options are #misc #other or #nota

And all of these are categories, as would be #random, so perhaps its better to leave #uncategorized for the truly uncategorized.

it seems that badstuff:tm: is a potential consequence of changing that special category… might be too scared to mess with it for now.

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To get some discussions going about the conference, I started up a new conference category now. Hopefully, I didn’t mess up anything in the settings…

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Gig/performance announcements seems like a good one.

In general, I like to wait for categories to emerge. So, if a bunch of us are talking about machine learning then we might want a machine learning category. Let’s see what happens, and organize accordingly.

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I agree that it’s good to keep the number of initial categories small and see what folks want to talk about :smiley:

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and I think #announcements can probably serve for announcements of all types for the moment. We can have subcategories if necessary, but it might just be fine as it is?


FYI I added some categories as suggested above, so there’s some indication for newcomers of how and where to start discussions.

If you have suggestions/comments please let me know. Thanks!