Submitting your NIME articles to

We are planning to start to encourage NIME authors to submit their already published NIME conference articles for hosting at the repository.

ArXiv is a well-established, long-standing, very stable open-access repository with prompt response and excellent indexing on various other platforms. Hosting your NIME articles will increase their exposure and, possibly, impact. Overall this can benefit the community.

There are a few NIME samples here:

We would like to follow a fairly uniform convention for NIME articles in ArXiv, so please look at these carefully before submitting your own articles.

I will be happy to provide help and feedback, so please contact me directly about this. Indeed, I’m interested to hear about the experiences of those new to ArXiv as I would like to prepare some kind of help documentation.

Thank you!


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You could also, if your article has a creativity angle, submit an extended version to the Journal of Creative Music Systems. The journal is a free to publish, free to read, open access journal, with quick publication turn-around.

Robin Laney
JCMS co-editor


Hi Robin, thanks for the suggestion. To be clear, we’re recommending that people submit their already published NIME articles, as is, for hosting at the arxiv repository. Some may wish to consider expanding very recent NIME articles for publication in a journal such as the JCMS, as you suggest.

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Thanks Michael. Useful clarification.

Some practical tips when submitting your work:

  • If your pdf file was prepared using LaTeX, ArXiv requires the source code and will not accept a pdf. There are advantages to submitting LaTeX source: ArXiv will embed identifying info, and a release date when it renders a pdf (using TeX Live).

  • ArXiv needs a bbl file in your LaTeX source zip but will complain if you include a pdf. You can easily delete the latter using the submission form.

  • The Overleaf ‘Submit’ function prepares a zip archive suitable for upload to ArXiv, but you have to enter the title, authors, abstract etc. manually using the ArXiv submission form.

  • You can also upload a zip file of your entire compiled LaTeX source folder, including auxiliary files, then easily delete unnecessary files via the ArXiv submission form. Just keep the source files and the bbl file. I use this process as well as the Overleaf submit function.

  • If you used Word, just submit the pdf. Unfortunately, ArXiv will not embed identifiers.

  • When you copy and paste text into the ‘Title’ or ‘Abstract’ fields in the submission form, ArXiv cannot recognize some characters such as some quotation marks and n-dashes. You may need to delete and retype these.

  • The appropriate ACM Classification for most NIME papers will be H.5.5 ‘Sound and Music Computing.’ J.5 is considered obsolete for Music-related research. You can add multiple classification codes if appropriate.

  • Enter the conference title in the ‘Journal reference’ field, not the ‘Comments’ field. I use the format 'Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2020.

  • Page numbers are vestigial, IMHO, and need not be included

  • I often include the page count and number of figures in the ‘Comments’ field

  • Be sure to include the Zenodo DOI for your article, which you can look up at the NIME proceedings archive:

  • If you submit recent articles that are not yet in the NIME proceedings archive (2020 for now), be sure to leave the DOI field blank. A DOI identifier can be added later when it becomes available. At some point, all NIME articles are assigned a Zenodo DOI.

Please feel free to contact me for questions/help.

  • Michael
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Feedback and additions to the above guidelines is very welcome!

Great @mjl! Thanks for pushing forwards on this. It seems like arXiv also integrates nicely with some other resources, such as Papers with Code which sets up proper links to paper-related source code.

Hello! I’d just like to check again whether anyone has suggestions or questions about this post. Has anyone else tried it yet? I would like to hear about your thoughts and experiences with arXiv.

I’m going to start preparing to post a general announcement for the mailing list, to encourage people to arxiv their NIME articles.

I’ve created a video tutorial on how to submit your NIME article to arXiv:

Comments and questions are welcomed!

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arXiv submission Quickstart here:

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Hi @mjl,

First, thanks to you and everyone who has made this happen, this seems like a useful repository for NIME articles.

I tried to submit my recent article following the guidelines that were included in the email, and ran into a couple of issues. Here’s a link to the paper just FYI:

  1. I created the pdf of the camera-ready version of the article from Word, however when I tried to submit the pdf from the link above, it came back with an error stating that the pdf was created with LaTeX and that I need to submit the source files. I was successfully able to upload my camera-ready pdf, however that version doesn’t have the page numbers.

  2. The linked paper above doesn’t seem to have Zenodo DOI, though it looks like there’s only one paper from 2020. Will NIME be creating the DOIs for the 2020 papers, or is this something the authors should do themselves?

Anyway, I just thought I’d ask here in case others had a similar issue!


Hi Steven,

Strange that arXiv thought your first upload attempt was a LaTeX pdf.

It looks like the 2020 proceedings have not yet been added to Zenodo. ArXiv allows you to add a DOI later, so better wait for the Zenodo one.

Pls. bear in mind that NIME is run pro bono by volunteers.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick response, this is very helpful. I’ll look into starting with some older articles, and if I encounter any issues with the pdf upload I’ll follow up with arXiv (and post any resolution to the list). I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and wouldn’t cause any issues uploading my paper incorrectly. Also, I didn’t mean to imply that the 2020 papers “should” have been added, I hadn’t actually looked at the Zenodo listing yet and just wanted to make sure I understood the listing correctly.

I know that NIME is volunteer run, and I (and the rest of the community) sincerely appreciate your efforts with this process. I apologize if my earlier message came off as demanding or like I was asking “customer service,” please know that was not my intention at all!

All Best,

Hi Steven,

no problem. Alexander has taken the initiative with the Zenodo archive, along with a couple of volunteers, I think.

Please share your findings on the forum, if you think they will be helpful to others.



Sorry about the delay here. This year we are attempting to also upload all the supplementary material for all categories, which makes everything more complicated since we are talking about quite a lot of quite large files, and they all need to have proper metadata, etc.

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That sounds like it could require a lot more work than just adding the articles, which is already substantial.